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    I've just leafed through the messaging menu and found out that older SMS are missing. Are they just hidden or have they been removed?

    In the first case: How do I make them readable again?
    In the second case: Can I disable this "feature"?

    And another question: For messages older than one day, it says not the exact date. Is it possible to show it up?
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    Unless you've swiped them away to delete them, they should be there. The pre doesnt automatically delete and SMS messages.
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    My bad, I found them in the chat log of a more recent chat with the same person. Is it possible to let the messages be sorted strictly by date?
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    This is the nature of threaded messaging. The Pre divides up the conversations into multiple parts by date though, which is nice. There is no way for you to remove threaded messaging at this point.
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