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    if you tap and hold on either side of the screen, just outside the center card, the opened cards will automatically scroll one by one horizontally
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    Nice find... will be pretty cool esp. for the Verizon boys that will have 20 or more apps running @ once
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    that is awesome!
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    it works.
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    Unfortunately it doesn't work very well. As soon as the card you want to use is front and center taking your finger off the screen causes it to jump to the next card in the direction you were going. Considering how quick and effortless it is to move between cards the standard way I can't imagine I'll ever be using this method.
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    might not ever use it, but it sure is fun to do when ur bored. And gives us one more thing to show off =)
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    lol, I hadn't read the info on it which is on Sprints web site, but accidently found out about reordering cards the other day. Hold your finger on a card when you can see multiple cards and the get further away so you can drag an app around and reorder cards. I know this is something I should have known about, but my wife was showing me how sometimes the cards look real far away and she was asking me what that feature was for.

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