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    I think you should get the Pre. Yeah, it has its ups and downs..but in the end,try leaving it. You'll come back. They ALWAYS come back.
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    You will definitely not regret going with the Pre coming from the BB and I would invest in either the 1350 or 1400 extended battery and a Touchstone and you will love it. You can always swap out one battery with a the reserve and the TS is great. Can get an extra cord and take the dock with you and charge it in the office, etc. Also, the unobtrusive notifications that let you just continue on with what you're doing and if you need to reply to that text, it just pulls it up in another card and keeps the other one right where you left it...that is what true multitasking is. Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
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    i went with the pre and my wife went with the hero, my reason to go with the pre was:
    -multitasking, physical keyword, 8 g of flash memory and and the look of the phone.
    The only reason my wife went with the hero over the pre, is because she didnt like the pre's keyword.
    i had the opportunity to play with both phones for three months now, and if i had the chance to choose again i would still choose the pre.
    my reasons for disliking the hero are:
    camera: picture quality is poor and 4 out of 5 pictures taken are always blurry(my wife gave up after a few tries), video mode is better but not great.
    virtual keyword still not as good as the iphone but better than the one in the pre. her ability to type decrease by half and frustration went up. battery life i think is about the same, i use the internet for like 1-2 hours, play music for like 4 h, use pandora or stitcher for 1 h, sms about 40, 5-10 emails, i keep my brightness to 35% wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS off most of the day, and by the end of my day i have 80% remaining in my spare battery. my wife text a lot more and doesn't use the intenet and her talk time is like 5 min a day and by the end of her day she has like 40%.
    the only thing i wish i have in my pre is the amount of apps.
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    Go with the Pre, but be aware that it has very little text autocorrect. It may get better, but it's not there yet.

    It doesn't bother me, I actually prefer just being able to type really fast and accuratly with a keyboard, but if it's important to you, be aware.
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    Welcome aboard holdfast! I think you will have a lot of fun with your new Pre. I too came from a Blackberry, and it was like moving to the 21st century!
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    I'm still frustrated with my HTC Hero but cannot decide if I want the Pixi or Pre. I really like the look and feel of the Pixi but wonder if I'll miss out on any of the features the Pre offers.

    I have an iPod Touch with Wi-Fi that I can use for apps and wi-fi access and all that so the major appeal of the HTC Hero is completely lost on me. The Hero kills me because of the constant lag with the software keyboard, it is noticeable on a daily basis and it's finally become a deal breaker for me.

    All I need to use my phone for is obviously phone calls and then texts, email and facebook with some occasional internet browsing. It would be nice to be able to take decent pics and send them via text or facebook (another task that is just plain annoying to accomplish on the Hero, the pics are always "too large" to send via MMS so I have to email them).

    I think the Pixi would be fine for me but I'm really interested in knowing if the keyboard on the Pre becomes comfortable after a couple of weeks. I'm also curious how easy the tasks I mentioned are on the webOS platform. Is texting, emailing, facebook all pretty easy and enjoyable on the Palm Pre/Pixi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstott25 View Post
    I'm really interested in knowing if the keyboard on the Pre becomes comfortable after a couple of weeks. I'm also curious how easy the tasks I mentioned are on the webOS platform. Is texting, emailing, facebook all pretty easy and enjoyable on the Palm Pre/Pixi?
    there is no question pixi has better keyboard.

    the task you mentioned works nicely on webos.

    go with pixi, you lose wifi, 3D games, faster (i dont know how much difference tho) system, a bit screen size

    go with pre, you lose solid build (pre is a two piece device after all), better keyboard.

    maybe you should goto radioshack or sprint store and play with them.
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    The Pre I bought on day one here in Canada has a very solid build. Very solid.

    I'm not dismissing those who have had problems, but it IS possible to get a Pre that's solid.
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    coming from a former blackberry user...SWITCH TO THE PRE!!! lol...but seriously, the PIM is nowhere near as functional as the blackberry, and there are still things I miss about my blackberry, but ever since I got this device, I've stopped regretting giving up my ipod touch to my little brother. going on the web is great on down time, the music player remix(a homebrew free app) is great, swiping through apps is just fun. I don't know, you know how people say holding an iPad is like holding the future? that's how I feel everyday I use my pre for it's in and out uses. you will hate this thing's battery though, coming from a blackberry curve was extremely annoying in the beginning, but to be fair, I wasn't on the web nearly as much as I am with this phone. all i'm wishing for not is a better virtual keyboard for quick lol's or web entries, a quicker OS overall, and I'd satisfied completely.
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    All I can say is this is the first phone that I have not gotten completely bored of or frustrated with to the point of giving up on a platform (WinMo). I still, after 4 months, find myself enjoying the experience of using this phone. With the updates coming out very quickly making marked improvements I could keep this phone for a 2 year contract easily. Android seems alot like WinMo, even ran a Hero build on my last WinMo phone. The updates are not a priority for those phones, new hardware is.
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