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    Because of Pre's issues with sigmal going up and down even when in good coverage areas I have often used the ##3836# to switch to EVDO Only when I am at home and not concerned with receiving calls/text and want faster browser speeds. Well it won't switch back to hybrid mode...I get a "network failure" error. I have tried updating PRL/Network and then try again...still get same error. Even flipped airplane mode off and on and tried again. Tried even in Sprint only mode...still get the error...I did a search here but could not find a thread on this exact issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions...actually kinda nice not having the phone do want to prob making calls...
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Do a soft reset in device mode

    I have other tricks to try, just give a thanks
    First I would like to thank you for your quick response to my question. Your solution fixed the issue! I do have a question though...I work as a bartender/sommelier and shut down down the phone completely and I believed that pretty much that was a soft reset....that's why I didn't try a soft I wrong? Thank you so much...when I am on my computer I will add a thanks to your column...
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    caj> more question that is related...(figure you may have an answer in your bag of tricks)...I have read thread after thread here for months on the issue of EVDO and 1X bars fluctuating even while in good coverage while you are standing still...why is this? there a solution beyond my method of switching to EVDO only mode?...I have tried my bag of tricks...maybe you have a few

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