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    Is there a app that will block calls?
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    Not an app, but there is a patch if you use them.
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    i've tried it and it works great, it just takes some getting used to cuz if you're in a call already then u receive a call from a blocked user, your phone will beep like it does for call waiting but it doesn't show any info as to who is calling so it kinda freaked me out the first few times lol
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    You can also block numbers from the Sprint website.
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    Where can you block numbers from the Sprint website? I have gone on my account and I do not find this. I also called Sprint yesterday and was told that they do not offer call blocking but they offered to change my phone number if the calls were harassing me.
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    I know that I've read about many people blocking numbers from the site. I don't have Sprint anymore so I can't go look for it..
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    You can always give Youview a try. I had a unknown number call me and I set it up to answer my unknown calls with a " this number has been disconnected" message and they haven't called since.
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    How do i get Youview is it one of those google things
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpierre0981 View Post
    How do i get Youview is it one of those google things
    Nope YouView is a visual voicemail client for YouMail. You can grab it from homebrew and soon the app catalog beta channel.
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