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    So I set it to airplane mode while watching a movie tonight (and after partially erasing it and cleaning it up) and over two hours or so it only lost a percent or two. When I switched it back it started going down a lot, just like before. So, I wonder if Sprint did something to their network?
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    Turned off WiFi and it's a lot better for me.
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    My palm wouldn't last from 8 am until about 330 or 400 in the afternoon with very little usage. I have not made this my primary phone yet. I took it to Sprint to have them check it out. The checked phone and battery and found battery was bad and replaced it. Charged it all night Friday night and took it off Saturday morning at 100% Saturday night at 9 it was at 65%, i did'nt charge it sat night and now it is Sunday at 430 and it is only down to 35%. I am happy now
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    Use the search button in this forum, there are some threads in this forum narrowing down the battery drain problem to a couple of brands of wireless routers.
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    I'm not using a wireless router and have not changed anything from before the battery issue til now... could it be a bad battery?
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    I have the Sideo 2600ma battery, lasts forever except today I was stuck roaming on verizon 1x and the battery drained 10% per hr. I did forget to shut off three gmail accounts though.
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    Believe it or not, on the Pre, WiFi uses less juice than the CDMA connection. This works really well when you are at home. If you don't happen to have WiFi at home (but you have internet service), today only, you can purchase a WiFi router from Verizon Wireless for $10 today. I wrote up the details in this thread if you are interested.
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