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    does anyone think pre sales will be hurt on verizon due to the lack of a video camera for the pre and pixi plus? A huge majority of potential consumers does not know about webos 1.4 that will soon give them that option. So do you all think people will pass on the pre bc of that?

    it's not an issue to me, but why didn't palm issue the update before the verizon launch so that the sales ppl can tell that yes the pre comes with video?
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    i really dont think smartphone buyers will test video recording first. In fact, I think thats an VERY IMPORTANT, but really not widely used function for most people.

    plus, its really easy for VZ sales to state the upcoming update if customers ask.
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    most likely if they ask about it, VZ reps will be smart enough to say "its coming in an update in feb"
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    I don't think so at all. If it's important, and they ask, then the sales rep can just say "It's only a few weeks away. Frequent over-the-air software updates are one of the biggest advantages of WebOS."

    As for why they didn't ship 1.4 before shipping the phones on Verizon? Obviously because 1.4 isn't ready yet. Clearly they prioritized 3D gaming over video recording which I think was the right decision. Android doesn't have any games that are even remotely competitive with what is now possible on the Pre and this is a flashy way of demonstrating how impressive the Pre's hardware is.

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