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    I purchased a bunch of music yesterday on the Amazon MP3 app, everthing was going fine until my dad called me on my phone which temporarly stopped it. It continued downloading after that but not all the songs.. I have 16 songs left and when I tap on them nothing happens.. I actually dont care if I'm not able to DL again I can live with that but I really want to clear the list. Is there any way to go about deleting them cus their just sitting there doing nothing but taking up space (I may be worng)
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    Have you tried rebooting the phone to see if the downloads will resume?
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    Jezer29 did you ever get a fix for this? I also have the same problem. There is one song remaining on my DL list and I cannot do anything with it. I even purchased more song and they DL'ed fine.
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    Just had the same thing happen to me. Hopefully I can download them on my computer when I get home.
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    It happened to me and they sat there forever. Then one day I downloaded another album and they magically disappeared from the list. Don't know what caused it and I don't know what fixed it but Im pretty sure there was a OS update between the problem and the cure.
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    Emailed Amazon and they said if you buy it again within 24 hours it won't charge. This time the last two downloaded fine. So far a second purchase hasn't showed up in my account.
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    thanks for that it helped me quite a bit
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