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    Hi all,
    I've had a UK Palm Pre for about 2 months now, for about a month now the headphone jack has developed a problem.
    Headphones no longer fully insert into the jack, either the pre supplied headphones or another 3rd party pair.

    I do have a photo of the problem, however the board rules of greater than 10 posts for links or images forbids this.

    This causes a further issue with the headphone contact changing and skipping tracks.
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    just take it to ur local cell phone provider and get it swapped out. they have changed my friends head phone jack. its takes about 20 mins
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    You can also try blowing some air into it with some canned air. If you can't insert it thought, the headphone jack is likely pretty boned. Make sure you backup your phone, and remove ALL patches before going into a repair center.
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    I've returned the unit to the O2 store I brought it from today, it also has developed the charging touchscreen issue.

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