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    -same form factor
    -better build
    -a little bigger
    -better specs
    -bigger battery
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    I would like the same shape.

    3.7 glass screen
    front facing camera
    5mp camera
    pixi like feel keyboard
    1500mAh battery
    webOS 2.0

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    Kill the recess and curved slider. Why deviate when traditional works well and their cool way didn't?

    Expandable storage and just include a 16gb class 4 card.

    Make the center button a trackpad ala Moment and Zune.

    Maximize screen real estate.

    Improve overall build quality and keyboard (non-negotiable)

    1.2ghz processor or better and larger battery

    Improved PIM functionality

    If you max the screen (as little bezel as possible) and increase overall size, I'd be fine with a landscape slider as long as the 2nd gen Pixi gets similar upgrades. It's a shame the better built phone isn't internally as good as the lackluster original.
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    Actually now if I think about it, Palm can make a iPhone style Pre. When your at homescreen and need to do universal search, just replace the drag and hold for wave launcher to bring up a virtual keyboard. Only for the homescreen of course since it's pretty dumb to bring up the wave launcher when they are at the homescreen ready to be used. Still if they did that I wouldn't want it. I want real keys.
    Welp was thinking on more ways to improve on webOS. I keep looking at Android for the widgets and would realllly love to have an agenda widget, tasks, weather. I don't want to lose the clean look of webOS though. What I have in mind is something Palm needs to add as a default and not just homebrewers. Yup, it's that Add pages patch. Keep the desktop clean and if you want to see your widgets, just bring up the widgets/launcher pages. We had this with zLauncher on PalmOS and it was a Plugin page. I hope they can do this in webOS 2.0.
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    Would like to have a slightly bigger screen, too! But that's just speculation.

    I doubt we will see a new phone in 2010!
    I just recall that Rubinstein said at CES event, that they will now show to us what to expect in 2010. And as he didn't mention a new phone, so there won't be one, I think.

    My expecation is, that there will be a new phone out by January 2011. They will announce it at CES with availability shortly after.
    That's because they now need to focus on getting their carrier-network up and running and tweaking webOS to be fully functional and getting MUCH more apps into the different distribution-channels. That should take time through 2010 (remember PDK is in beta from march with full availability expected at the end of the first half of 2010 and starting from then the big amount of apps will be coming really fast - still months away).

    AFTER that, they can start with a new phone. And the new phone not even needs to be on webOS 2 at start. Could be but doesn't have to be. I'm pretty sure all current and upcoming webOS versions will be running on all current and upcoming devices.
    But webOS 2 should start at least around June 2011. device in January 2011, webOS 2 with that or some months after.

    But we will see...
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    More than happy with the form factor. Would love to see a better battery, but don't want an SD card slot. Too unreliable. Seen many problems on Androin & WinMo attributable to sd card issues. Stick with in built storage. 32gb or 64gb will be cheap enough in 6months...
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    -Same formfactor
    -larger 3.5-3.7in display (480x720) this would make scaling up apps easier since the transition is 1.5x the screen size
    -metal (aluminium alloy) enclosure
    -Black under glass covering display and gesture area (very macbook like)
    -Power button on the otherside, but volume buttons stay
    -volume switch like the pixi's
    -same thickness (larger surface should let them squeeze in a slightly bigger battery)
    -Curved (like current pre) or industrialized edges (see zune HD) (palm you get to choose!)
    -get rid of metal speaker grill so front face is cleaner
    -more clicky and larger keyboard (pixi's with more space in between keys)
    -800mhz-1ghz processor
    -16 or 32 gb capacity
    -512mb of RAM
    -5 megapixel camera+flash
    -Nexus One's noise isolation feature w/ back mic
    -webOS 2.0 (let's hope it'll be ready by then!)
    -Available on Sprint and Verizon for $199 for 16gb and $249 for 32 gb
    That's all nice... But nothing there is new to the phone industry, so what will palm make the "killer feature?"

    -wimax and EVDO
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    In reality I expect:
    1- pixi 2 with a slightly changed look (larger screen and faster processor)
    -this would serve as their lowest model for teens and new smartphone users
    2- pre 2 with slightly larger screen, same form factor, updated processor, sleeker look, and improved keyboard
    - this would be for the basic smartphone user and appeal to most
    2- pro with a large screen landscape slider, kinda bulky but superpowerful
    - this would be for power users and business oriented. Maybe have improved business support and global data.
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