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    So my Pre suggested that I do the install and I went ahead and did it without taking off my Apps/Patches. For some odd reason now, my AOL mail doesn't get "pushed through" as they come anymore.

    Any suggestions?

    Is it a must to take off your patches before updating? It seems like it could be tedious to uninstall them all and then reinstall them 1 by 1...
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    Many other users have reported that moving from 1.3.5 to without removing pathes didn't cause a problem - but that's mainly because it was such a minor update.

    Removing your patches & themes is an ABSOLUTE must before updating your firmware. The problem is that we don't know which areas of code Palm are going to change - & if you have patches installed with code that will conflict with the new stuff then things start to go wrong (like Push not working anymore)

    Unfortunately it's impossible to tell whether it was a patch that screwed up AOL push or whether it is a bug - so it would be in your best interests to use WebOS Doctor (if you feel comfortable doing this) & starting fresh. But yeah, patches have to be reapplied one by one each time you update. It's a small price to pay really
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    Look for an update here, however, as recently they said one of the improvements they were working on was a way in which patches would not have to be removed. That would be real nice.
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    now do you need to uninstall apps as well, or just patches/themes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgbcapthowdy View Post
    now do you need to uninstall apps as well, or just patches/themes?
    Apps are completely safe, you only need to uninstall patches and themes.
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    I think the Broken Aol push has to do with the update. My AOL push doesn't either. I read somewhere else that Palm has been toying with the Mail protocol. Hopefully it will be fixed in 1.4

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