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    I am brand new to the pre and wanted to know if there was a way where i can have the birthday of a contact(linked with facebook) auto added to my calender or if not a simple way to add a contacts bday to the calender besided manually going in and doing it.
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    No unfortunately this hasn't been implemented yet. My solution was to spend some time entering all my friends birthdays manually into my Google Calendar - then you can sync it to the Pre & any future phone you get (everything syncs to Google nowadays). So if you spend the time onceyou shouldn't have to do it again. Shame there's not a more elegant solution.
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    There is an app called Birthdays that will show you upcoming birthdays. IIRC, it doesn't add them to your calendar, but it's a convenient way to see what's on the horizon.

    I believe the app is in Preware.
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    Sadly Facebook birthdays won't be added to calendar, you can try dallashigh's suggestion, or there is a facebook app to export your friends' birthdays to a format you can import into your Google Calendar. Just search for "birthday export" on facebook.

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