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    Now w8ing 4 opening. 8:40--employees moving around. Torrential rain. Only 1 other w8ing. I want my Pre. NOTHING in our paper. BOGO online w/ Pre NOT 4 Pixi. We'll see.
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    Well, advertising can be used to created buzz. Unless you're Apple you don't get media buzz weeks before your product is launched. That is why advertising is so important for regular companies. You can't wait for the media to buzz up your product. If the majority of companies did, you wouldn't know about alot of products.
    I would agree with you on Sprint's launch of the Pre. For Verizon, how do you go about creating buzz for a product upgrade that seemingly already lost it's buzz with another carrier? Clearly, if/when Verizon gets the Iphone it will receive a better marketing campaign than the so far nonexistent on the Pre Plus has received.
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