View Poll Results: Do you think WebOS is the capable yet agnostic platform Gartenberg is crying about

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  • Heck Yes!

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  • There are a couple things that need to be fixed (post them)

    4 66.67%
  • No. There are still major flaws before our community can convince him

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    What he (engadget contributor) wants in a cell phone.

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    Absolutely. WebOS is the only Mobile that almost fits his wants perfectly. WebOS really has the potential for being truly phenomenal. All it's missing is the hardware.
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    webos is definitely on the way, but not quite there, I think. It just needs to be a little smoother , and...really that's about it. There are just some buggy bits here and there to work out -and of course better hardware- but it's pretty damn good.

    it seems to come closer to fitting the description than anything else currently offered.
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    It's missing the app count, the hardware, and the form factor is good but can be improved upon.

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