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    I noticed that every night @ 10PM Pre goes into airplane mode. Tonight I held the phone because I noticed it was going to airplane mode around10...10:30.

    So I am holding my phone and sure enough right @ 10 it went into airplane mode.

    Wonder what is going on?
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    Did you ever have an app that scheduled airplane mode or anything like that?

    Sidenote: When I first saw the thread title, I don't know why but I imagined little wings popping out the side of the Pre... I might be playing too much Xplane lol
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    I'm an *****. I downloaded that battery saver program and didn't realize I turned it on. Lol
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    I wouldnt say an *****... just with everything we do to these because of their open-ness to patches etc. its easy to forget exactly what we have done to them! LOL

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