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    It lasted 2 days and off to Sprint again I went... Speaker never worked right on speaker mode. Found out it wasn't the speaker and the volume control kept reverting to the minimum setting. I was told motherboard probably had serious issues. No phones in stock. One is ordered. I have almost 4 hours in at Sprint this week.

    All is good though. I said my piece the other day and it will get ignored or fixed. Their choice.

    I did notice that this is one of the first times in recent memory that I have not received any followup phone calls inquiring if I was happy with my repair experience. I wonder what's up with that. Anyone know if they get a choice as to who gets the followup call?

    In any case I did have a question about national sales accounts. My sales gal has been missing in action so far. I have a friend in Minnesota that is trying to keep Sprint but is having real problems with a couple of his company phones. Is there a way to get contacted by an official Sprint salesperson so he can stay out of the store? I called my salesperson and left a message and my friend still hasn't heard word one. She might be on vacation but I'm not sure this guy is going to be with Sprint by Monday.

    Anyway.. I did get my demerits for not speaking nicely about some of the advice I got here so I don't want any advice. Just a contact for a real Sprint salesperson that has a good knowledge of product. I think one of the problems for example was one of his phones couldn't be turned on to roam when in a certain part of his county. Those types of things. He has a Sprint repeater of some sort at his office that seems to delay his cell phone ringing. Most people end up leaving a message and he never gets the ring. He runs a mortgage company.

    Thanks... G..
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    Good luck on getting a working phone, I hope it goes well. As for the followup call, they probably send it out to a certain percentage of the total service jobs they do, when I worked at a commission sales job, the company sent a survey to one out of five of all sales i rang up. Its enough to get a good idea of what people thought of me, while not annoying all of their customers.

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