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    Would anyone else like to have a Youtube app similar to the iPhones, where you can sign in, and comment? I dont know maybe Im alone. Opinions?
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    Of course! The more features the better....!
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    dude youtube app!!!!!, no thanks i dont even remember when i used that thing, i just have an icon for the website, im always logged in, and i can see my fav videos,,,lol
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    Yes that would be ace but it would be on my very-low-priority list of things to do
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    I've always wanted my youtube app to do that. The Hero's you can sign in too
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    No need for an app when you can just as easily bookmark Youtube and log in that way. The app that comes preloaded with the Pre is (IMHO) useless, and I've just been going in through the browser since day 2 of owning a Pre.

    High on my list of apps would be a photo editor.

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