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    well, add me to the list of p*ssed off Palm customers...touchscreen dead, but warranty date is July 10, 2009. I can't believe a company as well regarded as Palm would release such shoddy hardware. It must be Rubenstein's strategy of planned obsolecense, just as with the iPods, you're supposed to buy one every year so whats the point of making a product that would last longer than that? I thought I was one of the lucky Pre owners, having just "minor" problems that I learned to live with, and judging by the posts in this forum I see I'm very lucky to have a Pre that lasted six months. Way to go Palm. You're doing a great job. It will be interesting to see how much longer you can hang on with this nonsense. What a joke this company has become.
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    @ Sudoer, yes my case is cracked right where you said, right at the USB port and going in the direction of the touchscreen. I also am sometimes able to 'unfreeze' screen by plugging charger in. Is replacement the only option? No use in super-gluing the crack or anything?
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    I think it has been said in the past that the cable that connects the digitizer runs behind the USB port. I have to be careful unplugging mine or I get the "touching itself" problem.
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