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    Can anyone help - Around three weeks ago my pre started crashing for no reason, firstly it was when I was playing the Card Ace app. For no reason it Pre just stuck then reset itself. Then since then almost anything I do it resets itself..

    I'm in the UK and I took it back to the O2 shop and they had a look and sent it away for repair, I finally got it back today and they said they could not find anything wrong with it and they updated my software.

    Anyway i've got it home and it is exactly the same - the only thing they seem to have done is roll it back to webos 1.3.1

    Any ideas or solutions why its doing this. I did not install anything for weeks, I did have a few patches but I got rid of them when I took it back for repair.

    It's so frustrating that it looks like they are going to have to send it away again and I'll be left with my old crappy Nokia again.

    all ideas or suggestions really welcome.

    cheers James
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    If you have no patches or themes installed and they doctored the phone back to 1.3.5 and you're still having frequent crashes then it's clearly a defective phone - you should insist on a new handset rather than a repair. Without more information on how/when the crashes occur I can't really help you further - but it honestly sounds like you need to force O2's hand and get a replacement.

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