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    ok so first of all, i looked through some threads to see if anyone was having a similar problem, but from what ive found thus far nothing for this... so originally i was having problems today updating accuweather and a few other apps for the patches that have been put out. i would go up dl/install the update and it would say installation failed. so i figured it had to be something with 1 of the patches/theme i had installed onto my phone, so i removed the theme, and then used the emergency patch deal on preware to remove all of the patches i had previously installed. low and behold it worked no problem, so i started to dl/reinstall the patches that i previously had on my phone. but now when i go to install the ones i REALLY wanted back on my phone more than others(ie: hide the sprint tv patch, hide nascar patch, and 4x4 icon patch), its showing the error message: cannot install check IPKlog, and scrolling through the notes, even though i have no idea what i am looking at not being a software developer, i noticed that one of the areas towards the bottom it said failed to install hunk 1 of 3 or something along those lines. however the weird thing is that not all the patches do it, just certain ones, like all of the patches to change the options of the icon display. if ANYONE is having similar issues/can give me any suggestions please respond or send me a PM. its not a life or death situation where as i can deal with only having 3 apps across haha but its one of those little things that make a difference. thank u in advance for any/all help u can provide
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    For some reason my themes wont completely change when i use the themer. a couple error messages popup and then it says theme complete. but the backround never changes. and i also cannot revert back to my defult because when i bring up the themer, a message popups and says no such file or directory? do i need to wipe my phone clean and startover?
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    something similar happened like that to myself a while back, and thats the best thing to do, do a full erase, install webos quick install, and then preware, best way to go about that
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    1. how do i do a full erase?
    2. because the pre's hav the automatic data backup online, will i be able to retrieve all of that info still?
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    Are you using WOQI v2.96? Have you installed the migration patch?
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    no i found out how to erase and partial erase but about the contacts i have?
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    I'm getting with only a few patches but they're the most important ones I want. Doing a full erase and restore won't help I know because this is a brand new untouched Pre I just got on replacement. The same thing was happening with my old Pre too, before and after it was wiped.

    See the attached images for the exact error message.
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