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    I doctored/updated my Pre to today. Works quite well, BUT:
    Battery life is really bad, I've got about 8% / hour loss which is way too much.

    I saw that the Pre kills the 3G connection periodically, maybe there is the problem?

    Grepping messages for "Connect time" gives me this:
    2010-01-21T13:45:15.218139Z [4210] palm-webos-device pppd[4277]: Connect time 5.0 minutes.
    2010-01-21T13:50:39.395660Z [4372] palm-webos-device pppd[4455]: Connect time 5.2 minutes.
    2010-01-21T13:58:01.290588Z [4733] palm-webos-device pppd[4577]: Connect time 7.2 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:03:13.560607Z [5045] palm-webos-device pppd[4952]: Connect time 5.0 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:08:25.440612Z [5357] palm-webos-device pppd[5259]: Connect time 5.0 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:10:05.263641Z [5457] palm-webos-device pppd[5568]: Connect time 1.5 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:16:09.097808Z [343] palm-webos-device pppd[1574]: Connect time 5.1 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:24:19.005737Z [833] palm-webos-device pppd[1829]: Connect time 8.0 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:24:25.020324Z [839] palm-webos-device pppd[2291]: Connect time 0.1 minutes.
    2010-01-21T14:29:27.179565Z [996] palm-webos-device pppd[2361]: Connect time 5.0 minutes.
    Is somebody else experiencing this problem?
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    I always loose 3g connection and have to settle for edge but i blame o2 for that, but thats been since I've had my pre :/
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    Sorry, have been in a fury.

    Seems like Vodafone ( Germany ) kills the connection periodically ( LCP terminated by peer ). I don't know why, but maybe this kills my battery.

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