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    the ESN is still tied to the original provider (Sprint, VZW) even if the phone is "unlocked."

    it's been said, many many times, it's not a matter if it's possible, because it is.
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    Sorry to bump this topic, but has anyone taken apart the Pre Plus and switched the comm board over to Sprint's Pre? It seems worthwhile especially if you can get one super cheap.

    Edit: Actually, looking closer at iFixit's diagrams, you'll have to replace not just the communications board, but the logic board as well. Assuming everything is the same with the Pre Plus hardware, it should theoretically work fine. But my only caveat is that I have no clue where Sprint/Verizon keeps their ESN on the phone. So if you replace both the logic and communication boards, you may end up with a Verizon phone in a Sprint package.

    Also putting it back together looks like a real pain..
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    Quote Originally Posted by dallashigh View Post
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Sprint$ $techs$ can't add ESN's to the database, even if they wanted to.

    The reason it's possible to get Sprint phones on Verizon is because Verizon will add ESN's to their system if the phone is deemed "compatible" with their network. But even then... they leave all issues up to the customer. Can't make phone calls? Fix it yourself. Can't text? Fix it yourself.

    The only way to get a Pre Plus on Sprint would be to change the ESN. This is certainly possible, but it's tricky as a webOS update can "brick" the phone. (Recoverable but dangerous).

    So, if you are
    (1) Willing to pay full price
    (2) Competent in using QPST and QXDM to alter the phone/radio firmware
    (3) Willing to carry a $400 phone without insurance
    (4) Willing to go through the hassle of getting data provisioned on an altered phone, and
    (5) Willing to deal with possible bricking during webOS updates

    Then yes, you can get a Pre Plus on Sprint.
    very true. I have done exactly this myself for a friend when the original pre launched. Updates were always a pain though (weird screen issues, limited app cat.) after WebOS updates. I'm interested to see if the logic board swap works though...could be interesting...
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    I would do it, but I'm running low on cash and I can't find any broken Pre Plus's on e-bay.. Just broken Sprint Pre's
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    i know where the little metal VIN tag is on my car, but that doesn't mean i can legally change it.
    It's my car, I'll change whatever I want to. It's not illegal unless I try to sell it as something it isn't. I'll mod my phones however I please as well
    What are you, the phone police?
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