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    Does any of you so talanted programmers know how hard it would be to create an app similar to apple that allows you to humm, sing, or hold the phone to some music and it will name the song and who it is by?

    Found this: INTERESTED??? get on the link, and submit inquiry. In comments mention Palm Pre and the Webos platform. Since there are 2 carriers that will be carrying the phones, hopefully they will listen.
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    Do you know what company created the one for the iPhone? Maybe if we can get enough emails sent their way they'll think about creating one for WebOS.
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    well what i have found out so far is that the app for iPhone is "Shazam". working on the creator
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    not possible yet
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    This kind of app isn't possible until Palm opens up access to the mic.

    Which I'd guess they are keeping to themselves until Voice "stuff", (i.e. VoiceDialing, Voice memo recording, Voice to Speech/Text!), is implemented in webOS someday.

    Now, THAT would be great to see come with 1.4 next month!! ;-)
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    if i need to know the name of a song i just go to i enter some part of the song like for example: " fit the mold that i am in" and ad lyrics to the end of that and hit search and wala : Maroon 5- Sunday Morning.

    that simple.

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    I have no doubt that a future SDK will allow access to the mic. Of course, sooner the better with things like this.

    I've messed with Shazam on both Android and Iphone and its a great program. It absolutely amazes me how accurate Shazam can detect songs, even based off of the "non-music" intros on some songs. It also detected several techno songs, which we all know sound pretty much the same.

    Lets hope it can get developed for WebOS soon.

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