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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike20PR View Post
    maybe...just maybe, because i dont like to have unofficial stuff or workarounds on my device, that makes it harder to keep up with the updates since patches tend to break other features (MyTether vs 3D games) or screw up the phone if you try to update the OS without removing them and such, i rather not go through "oh crap WebOS update, i gotta remove all my patches or something will go wrong.... oh man!! this patch wont remove, or this patch dont work no more after updating etc. etc. etc." I have mad respect to all the devs but sometimes its more work than its worth

    homebrew on the other hand, i have no issues with since they are just apps
    Well, you should have no problem with the "internalz" homebrew app that allows you to do EXACTLY what the op is asking for. It doesnt ever need to be removed for upgrades to OS.
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    Ditto on Internalz. I've been using it ever since it was brought to my attention (I have also been very disappointed with the Pre's lack of an integrated file manager app) and it works great. Would wish it were a little faster, but I'm not going to complain about such a useful, free app. Heck, I'm really thankful for it.

    The only complain I have left regarding to managing and organizing files on my Pre is the device's stubbornness as far as nested folders are concerned. If I create different folders for different categories inside the wallpaper folder (such as a comics folder, a video game folder, and so on), they should be displayed with proper nesting within the Photos app rather than show them all as if they were all from the root. That annoys me to no end.
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    I want to bump is beyond me how there is no photo editing for webos yet! Like, rotate and crop...that's all I need.

    Sometimes, I take a great pic that I'd love to send someone, or make a contact pic, but cannot simply because I cannot rotate it! Please please please Palm...send us photo editing alongside video editing! Or perhaps a Homebrew app would do ;-)
    (love you guys continue to make my WebOS experience awesome by giving me what Palm has not)
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    inviting meeting attendees..

    if I had that I could leave my laptop at home most days..

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    Any work around solutions other than rotating pictures on my PC?
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    While we're at it... How about a slideshow function? I was suprised to find no "play slideshow" option in the photos app. It seems that I'm not supposed to show off my photos to other people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike20PR View Post
    native file management and universal web downloading has been my #1 request since June..... Lets see if Palm pulls this off soon
    lol no dice
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