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    I have a blackberry storm and im looking to get the palm pre plus when it comes out.
    The issue with my touchscreen is that when my fingers get a little sweaty, my screen goes whack.
    Does the screen on the pre act up when you get sweaty fingers or does it stay cool?
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    No touch-screen anything is good w/sweaty, oily or dirty fingers.
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    I have not noticed any problems with sweaty fingers on my screen, with a disclaimer that I have *huge* fingers that can't tap the on-screen buttons successfully half the time anyway.

    Keeping the Pre's screen clean is a full-time job, since it winds up covered with oil and fingerprints after only a few minute's worth of use. There are aftermarket screen protectors that may help, but I have chosen to simply keep a bottle of glass cleaner and a roll of lint-free paper towels on my desk. Spray the glass cleaner onto the towel, wipe down the Pre, repeat every few days.....

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