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    I'm sorry if there is another thread for this problem but ive searched everywhere.

    Im having real trouble getting the 3g network working with o2.
    I've tried to reset the APN settings on my pre with almost every combination:

    I started with:
    Internet APN:
    Password: Password

    I know this is the setting for Iphone on o2 but it did work until i topped up my phone

    Ive tried:
    Internet APN:
    Username: Vertigo
    Password: password


    Internet APN:
    Username: payandgo
    Password: Password

    I think i've tried everything i can find online. Has anyone else had this problem or found out the right thing to do.

    I set up my profile using a o2 contract simcard and as i said 3g worked fine until i topped up again?

    any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hello mate,
    Just ring O2 Customer Services, they will be able to tell you the correct APN over the phone.

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