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    I know there is such a question in the general pre forum.. but I dont think that the sim toolkit is used in US... but how about the germany (and other GSM countries)?

    do you use it? I have used it on my treo.. for bank opperations. When I was going to check or pay or do any kind of opperation on my bank account via web - there was an authorization code that was sent to my phone. I entred the pin code for the sim services and I was able to see the authorization code... but it doesnt work on the PRE :-(

    but why? is the webos not able to handle it? or only the SW part of it is missing? or maybe present but not enabled? anyone have any information about it? or would it be possible to enable/add it by homebrew application or using some patch?

    thank you in advance
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    did You tried to ask the Palm developers directly? I have the same pain (but I'm also from Prague)...
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    I am from Spain with the same problem. I have Nokia's and other brand phone and ever a Treo 650 and always I could access to SAT. Many users have also Dual SIM from Movistar or Twin SIM from Vodafone and they can't access his PINs without reset his phone.
    I post in palm forums and I send a form in Palm support without answer.
    RFE: Access to SIM Application Toolkit in WebOS - Palm Support Community

    Maybe if all European GSM WebOS users reply to this thread something hear us!
    Or may be if some of us can contact to administrators of Precentral and this issue appears in a front page article something could change.
    What do you think?
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    I 've got the same problem on my French SFR Pre +
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    Do you know about any progress with accessing "SIM Application Toolkit" in WebOS (Palm Pre GSM)?
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