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    Hey PreCentral! Long time reader.. first time poster. This is a whole new phase of my life =')

    Onto business.. I tried searching the forums for this.. and google. And maybe my search skills are just terrible but I couldn't find anything.

    I'm on my 3rd pre.. First one Shut off whenever I opened the slider.. even after they put on the foam sticker in the battery compartment.

    Second one.. The touch screen and gesture area.. just randomly stopped working.

    And now I'm on my third one.. I've had it for about.. 36 hours... (got the broken screen one replaced) and I've discovered an odd issue...

    When I'm doing anything on the phone.. it'll randomly ask me if I want to go into airplane mode, restart it, or shut it off. And other times when it's off.. the screen randomly turns on and the phone vibrates. Now that's kinda strange.. but the WEIRDEST part is.. it only happens at night.


    I know. I know. You think I'm crazy. And you have every right to. But I kid you not. It worked all day yesterday until the night time.. and all day today until about 11:00pm. I've doctored it. Nada.

    AH IT JUST DID IT AGAIN WHILE I'M WRITING THIS POST! The screen just flickers with those 3 options coming up. I've restarted it. Swapped the battery. Everything! =(

    I don't wanna go to a FOURTH Pre.. I've only been using them since October.. That's gonna be like one Pre a month.

    Help me =(

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    So uh.. Now the power button doesn't work.. It won't shut off the phone. It won't shut off the screen. It won't turn on the screen.. All the other buttons work. Guessing it's hardware. Time for Mr. Scwuffles IV
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    Gahhh sorry for ANOTHER post on the same thread. But.. It works now. Just randomly. I think it's a BATTERY issue. Cause it started working after I charged it past 80%. That could explain why it wasn't working at night.. because the battery had been draining all day.

    This is kinda.. weird.. how does the power button only work when the battery has a lot of power?

    This is giving me a headache. It's just messing with me. It's an evil scorpion phone. But I love it.. =(

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