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    Is google maps with Navigation available on the Pre, like it is on the Android devices? I would rather use it than Verizons VZ Navigator for $10/month extra.
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    There is no talk of that. The GPS location+google map can show your track pretty good, but lack of any advanced functions such as text to speech, rerouting etc etc.
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    Google Maps on the Pre has the ability to locate you via GPS, search for addresses/businesses (just like on the desktop) and it can provide a set of directions. It will even update your position along the route if you keep the card open. But it's not at all like the Google Nav on Android

    So, if you get a set of directions and then go off the route, it will simply start to show your position moving off the route and will not recalc the directions unless you press the "get direction" button again and then allow it to get a route. And as said above, it won't give you spoken directions. Also, when getting directions, it doesn't necessary know the direction you currently moving. So, if you are going East on a major highway and click "get direction" based on "your location" (vs a specific address), it may have you start out going west because that's the fastest route. So, you would have to first find a U-turn or play with the addresses until you get what you want

    I find the google maps is good for seeing a quick set of directions to a place, but it's no substitute for a turn-by-turn GPS Navigation device (or Sprint Nav or Verizon Nav)

    hope that helps

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