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    With the Verzion Pre Plus coming out soon, there has been a lot of talk concerning the doubling of the system storage as well as doubling of the system memory. This post is to teach those of you who don't know the difference between memory and storage. Your confused posts make my brain hurt.

    STORAGE - Hard Drives, Hard Disks, Removable memory cards (SD cards, etc.), Flash disk drives, Flash memory (uses the word memory, but don't get confused). These are all examples or alternate names for non-volatile storage, non-volatile means even after your device is powered off it retains the data. This is where your pictures, apps, the operating systems, ALL of your data is stored.

    MEMORY - RAM or Random Access Memory is the fast, volatile memory that your computer or phone uses to run the operating system or any programs you may open. Volatile memory is cleared when the system shuts down or restarts. When your phone is acting buggy and you restart it to fix the issue you are clearing the bad data from RAM.

    The Palm Pre has 8GB of Flash Storage, 16GB for the Pre Plus.
    The Palm Pre has 256MB of RAM, 512MB for the Pre Plus.

    Think of RAM as a table.
    Think of Storage as a closet.
    When you want to play a game, the game is stored in the closet, and it is put on the table to be played. When you want to play more games or check the weather, the apps are loaded from the closet to the table. Eventually you will run out of room on the table and you will have to put some stuff away (closing apps).

    Most computer operating systems, including those on phones tend to have memory leaks, meaning stuff gets loaded into RAM, but when the program is closed it isn't completely cleared out. This causes random bugginess and the slowing of the system as it tries to find free memory to load apps you want to use. On the Pre the system will generally give you the "Too many cards" error when you run out of available memory.

    Hope this was informative.
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    good post for those new to this

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