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    ur PRL that is. 60659
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    Your post kinda got my hopes up. Not sure for what exactly, but I was a bit disappointed. Yay PRL.
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    sniffle.... I thought Palm decided to be nice. Oh, well.. YA for PRL!!!!!!!!!
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Ha ha haaa. Nice one. You got me too.
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    come on!!!. It's not funny :/
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    Humm... ok
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    I loved it.
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    I actually just did this a few days ago and was happy =] I do a few things for my mom's pre and I made sure to update her's to 60658, I'm glad I just checked and found 60659 instead
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    Edit: with the magic of Search... I answered the question I was going to post here.

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