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    After I download the app. Pre ask me to restart.

    After restart. It display install fail.

    How to solve
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    im having the same problem...
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    same here
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    this has been talked about in many threads look around!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    this has been talked about in many threads look around!
    im searching "wont install" and cant find any resolution. care to share where the answer is?
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    Crap load of threads have addressed this issue already, but its easy to miss with how fast these threads grow.

    Use quickinstall to remove Package manager & preware. Recycle device & reinstall Package manager then preware.

    Should fix issue.
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    i webdoctored my palm pre to and my app catalog works very well, i have 170 apps at the moment and i can install and update apps normally with no problems! even that i have Classic shown in app catalog!

    If you have or installed and you webdoctored your Pre with your apps wont be deleted and all your apps will be saved exactly like the files installed in /media/internal/

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