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    Hello all,

    Got a small problem here. My Pre's camera flash has stopped working. It does not work on auto-flash nor always flash. The only thing that I can think of that may have done anything was that I did a partial erase a couple of days ago to rectify a contact problem I was having. I'm not an active user of the camera, so I don't know when this really started, but I first noticed it today.

    I've tried resetting the phone. I think I'll try removing the battery next? Would the magnets in the touchstone affect the LED? Any ideas as to if this is a hardware problem, a software problem, or something else?

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    you have any patches? LED service? Other services?
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    No patches or themes or anything like that. WebOS and really that's it. Just some apps from the App Catalog.

    EDIT: Apparently, after trying to take a self-portrait, I noticed that the LED is indeed turning on, but it seems exceptionally weak, far weaker than it typically is. Could it be because my battery is low?
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    hmmm that's weird try turning the phone off and take the battery out and see what happens if not maybe you have to dr it
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    So I checked the last photo I took before today's, which I knew was taken with the flash. And that was last weekend. Right before I did the partial reset. Should I do a full reset? Or doctor my Pre? Does the battery charge have anything to do with the brightness of the LED?
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    battery charge should have nothing to do with the brightness of the led. try installing systfile mgr and led torch to see if your led functions properly with that app. if not then do a full web os dr. and try the flash again. chances are, if the led is bad then you will know when running the led torch.
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    Darn it, it seems to be a bad LED. I did a full WebOS doctor and no luck. Still just sort of flickers when you take a picture. Thankfully it's not a vital part of the phone. I could get it replaced, but I should be eligible for an upgrade in October/November and I don't have any insurance. Would it be worth the hassle or is it better just to wait?

    Thanks for the help, everyone!
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    you should be able to replace it with no hassel
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    I take a lot of pics and rarely if ever use that flash, I better check it lol.
    I really don't like any pictures I have ever taken with that flash.
    i like the camera alot though.
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    One year warranty. Visit a Sprint repair center.
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    Took it into the Sprint store with a Repair Center. They said it was really odd and that they've never seen it before. They said they'll be replacing my phone, no charge, on Monday because of the weekend. I assume this is because they don't have any in stock, but I could be wrong. Are they ordering a refurbished one or something?

    Anyway, thanks for the help everyone. Hopefully the new Pre will have no problems. *crosses fingers*


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