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    I thought it would be interesting to know what made you stick with the Pre in the early days, during last summer's dry spell.
    Remember, there were only a few apps, updates were marginal and this phone was (some might say "still is") very raw.
    Did you have to stick with it for financial reasons?
    Was it a certain app that kept the Pre in your hands?
    Was it the slickness of the 'cards'?
    Was it just this forum, and the vast knowledge you can get from it?
    Or was it always (and is it still) the hope that the next update would be "The Mother of All Updates"?
    For me, the reason(s) i stuck through it with this phone was:
    PANDORA PANDORA PANDORA and being able to always have it playing while web browsing or doing pretty much anything else.
    Oh- Also, the fact that i can just type in anything i want to know about anything, and get results from the internet without having to open any apps or programs.
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    Apps have never been the selling point for a phone for me personally.

    Even now, i have very few apps. Most apps just replicate something you can do on the web. So I stuck with the Pre simply because the user interface was the best on Sprint hands down.
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    I've got a launch morning Pre. I've always loved it, it is a great upgrade from my Centro. Yes, I'm a bit of a Palm fangirl, as I'm a long-time Palm user (started with the Palm Pilot Pro and have had others along the way), but before the Centro I had non-smartphone phones.

    I do expect the continued updates to bring greater and greater things - and I love the greater things we've gotten since launch day already.

    I also love the design of the phone (shape, size, etc.), the physical keyboard (I hate on-screen keyboards), and the look of WebOS. As a graphic designer/photographer, form and design are very important to me. I think the iPhone is quite an ugly piece of hardware.

    Plus, I've been on Sprint for ten or so years and have been happy with them, so why change?

    Now, if only Palm could add the basic Web browser ability of scrolling frames/iFrames/CSS divs....
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    After using Windows Mobile for years, and having been frustrated to the point of violence (against the phones, mind you) with how inelegant the platform was, all of its problems with connecting with EAS (!), and the horrible build quality of the HTC devices I'd purchased (Mogul and Touch Pro, specifically), I found the Pre and WebOS to be simply spectacular. Even back then, my Pre connected with my work's Exchange server, with Gmail and the Google Calendar, and with my Yahoo! mail without issue, and I found it to be a superior messaging and Web browsing experience.

    Yes, apps were lacking and my Pre was a bit laggy, but I was still significantly more productive with it than I was with any smartphone I'd used before--including my Treo 600 and 650. I simply never found myself wanting a different device, including the iPhone, which although smooth as butter just felt too constraining. Of course, I abandoned OS X after 18 months of giving it the old college try for largely the same reason. And Android remains too much like Windows Mobile in my book--a capable device with a kludgy interface and a heavily fractured base of devices.

    Note that I'm a serious gadget freak. I love trying new hardware and software, to a fault. Drives my wife crazy, and has a significant impact on our budget. It's definitely a good thing I don't have any other expensive habits, or we'd be bankrupt by now. And yet, I've stuck with my Pre without any desire to try a different smartphone, which continues to surprise me. Palm may not make it (they're facing a serious uphill battle), and if they don't I'll consider it a tragedy, but I'll stick with WebOS until they pry my Pre (or its successor) out of my cold, dead hands.
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    I bought my pre launch day morning just as the local corp Sprint store opened. I came from the Blackberry world. I loved blackberries as they seemed to just work for me. However, I'd never used any other type of smartphone. My curve did everything I needed it to, I had learned all the shortcuts and could wiz around the phone in seconds, but being a gadget nut after doing all that I grew a little bored of it. I had my eye on the upcoming Tour, but it seemed as an upgrade to the curve it was pretty incremental. The one downside to my berry was the browser experience.

    So in April of last year I start reading the hype of the Pre. Initially my thoughts were, it looks cool, but its an untested device unlike my berry. Well curiosity got the best of me and I kept reading about the Pre and got caught up in a little of the pre-release hype.

    I told myself if I was to get the Pre I'd stick with it for at least 1 year to give it a fair shot. At this point, I see it being no problem to get to at least that year mark and if WebOS continues to evolve and mature at the pace it has been, I can see myself with WebOS for quite some time afterward.
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    I bought a Pre because I wanted an open phone. I had an OpenMoko, but that turned out to be a bust, and webOS looked like it was going to be pretty damn open. I'd also had PalmOS devices for 8 years, and used a Treo 650 for the last 5.

    Palm has, from my perspective as an open source developer, done almost everything right. The platform is open, the SDK is open, they are supportive of homebrew and patches, they haven't unleashed the lawyers on anyone (that I know of), and haven't made stupid threats. It's pretty much the opposite of Apple.

    The SDK has been pretty pleasant to work with. Sure, there are limitations and irritations, but it's less than a year old, and I was prepared to deal with much worse. I've been able to build 90% of the features that I want, and when I had a serious issue with the API, Palm was pretty responsive.

    From a user's perspective, I'm also quite happy with the phone, though really only since 1.3.5. Before that, things were pretty dicey. Everything was dog slow, the battery barely made it through a day, and I got "too many cards" several times a day. It's still in need of refinement, but having seen the progress over the last six months, I'm confident that by summer I'll be pretty much satisfied.
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    Coming from a Blackberry Storm to the Palm Pre was like leaving the gates of hell and going into the light! My launch day Pre has performed wonderful, no issues, luv the webOS, does everything that I need from a smartphone and it's so nice to have a REAL keyboard!!! Another thing I like about my Pre is how compact it is, not lugging around a big slab, fits nicely in my pants pocket, not having to use a dorky side case. I knew when I puchased the Pre that it was a new platform and that apps would be limited and the software would need tweaking, but even now with all of the new apps and games out. I still don't have very many apps/games installed on my phone and the OS updates have really dialed in my Pre. The mutitasking rocks, when I driving in my car I have my Pre sitting on my Touchstone with Pandora playing and Sprint Navigation leading the way. Just want to give props to the Preware people, with their contributions this has allowed me to customize my Pre to better fit my needs. Over the past 7 months not once did I ever think about switching to another phone or carrier. I am really looking foward to all of the great improvements/features coming from Palm for my Pre in the near future and also, being in the infancy of webOS, what Palm has coming down the pipe in the way of software and smartphones.
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    I got my Pre in July, on a whim, when my 24 y/o son showed it to me in the Sprint store and said he had a friend that loved his Pre except for the battery life. I was due for an upgrade from my Centro, and I thought the Pre was the logical next step. I honestly didn't expect the radical departure that webOS would be, but was mightily impressed with the graphics and the fact that it had a physical keyboard. Oh, and the wave bar. I was completely seduced by the eye candy.

    What I've found in the six or so months that I've had the phone is that webOS is a delight to use. Synergy is brilliant (now that I've forgiven Palm for their Profile disaster a couple of updates ago). Universal search is excellent. The form factor (not so much the actual hardware unfortunately, YET) is Museum of Modern Art quality, really (imo). The touchstone is practical and convenient. An extended battery solved a lot of problems. The phone has simplified a lot of things for me. But what has been absolutely unparalleled is the homebrew/patching community. They have made this phone the most *fun* phone I've had by far.

    Seriously, and I know I am REALLY dating myself here, I haven't had this much fun with computers--big or small--since running Ted to create batch files on my 386. Now *that* is a long time :-)
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    I'd been off contract with verizon for half a year when I bought my pre.

    I had broken yet another phone a couple months after I had bought it and was on the search for a new device yet again.

    to be honest, I hadn't really kept up with the hype or the marketing of the pre. I was pretty dismissive of the platform in general and felt it was to be yet another failed project marketed as 'an iphone killer.'

    after researching and getting some hands on with several phones (and disappointment along the way), I'd decided to stop by a sprint store and try it for myself.

    I wasn't too keen on getting a blackberry, though the tour was launching very soon and it did pique my interest. I'd just never really vibed with rim's offerings however.

    the thought of staying with verizon however was a deterrent. I'd had too many horror stories with their customer policies and pricing. there was also the issue of extending my contract by another year or so without prior notice and boy, that really got my goat.

    t-mobile didn't offer much in the way of devices back then. neither the sidekick line nor the g1 (boy was that thing ugly and clunky to use!) caught my eye.

    the iphone was nice but at&t's pricing and the lack of keyboard were not.

    anyhow, I still hadn't made up my mind when I played with the display unit (the rep wasn't very knowledgeable either) but I decided, what the heck.

    I'll try the phone for a month and if I don't like it, I'll return and get something else.

    what can I say, the pre grew on me and I loved it's versatility and functionality.

    I've been patient with it and it's just gotten better and better.

    everyone who played around with the phone was impressed by it, too.
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    That's it?
    Only 8 replies?
    What happened to all the 'I love my Preeeeeeeee' people?
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    Came from a Treo 650 and loved that as it was a solid easy to use Palm phone. I had been off contract since April and was looking into getting a HTC Touch Pro, but when I played with it in store it felt really flimsy on the screen. Also it was hard to navigate even with a stylist as the menus were small, I could navigate my Treo with/without the stylist. Luckily I was researching the phone more and ran across the CES video on the net and saw WebOS...Love at first sight.

    Most I like about WebOS is the interface...gesture area, card swipes, MULTITASKING, and its not Apple! Palm doe make the best phones, and this is no exception. I don't have a lot of extra money to waste on apps and such so the option for openness and homebrew and beta apps etc made this even more appealing. Also the inductive TouchStone charging system is GREAT!

    I still have my launch day Pre and I runs like a champ, GO PALM, and GO WebOS!!!
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    Partly I've been a fan of palm since the old T2s, so I was more welling than the average customer to give them time. I also bought the phone expecting the experience of being a first buyer, which I think forces you to have to learn more about the system and develop a deeper passion for it. The features that kept me were synergy my work and personal life are pretty much kept in tune and multitasking, I don't feel quite as limited using this device as I did with my ipod touch.
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    Financial reasons? HAH! I'm actually paying $20 more than my old plan. I was on a Treo 700wx for 2 years+ running a cooked WM6.1 ROM. I use Windows on my PCs, but on mobile? UGH! I know MS wants to add functionality to their software, but menu after menu in such a small platform, the resistive touchscreen, such a small screen too(240x240 ugh). I was actually waiting for Sprint to get on the Android train after Android was announced, but Sprint decided to play the waiting game even though they were an initial partner in the Open Handset Alliance.

    Then Palm announced WebOS and I just really loved the flow of how everything worked. I knew Palm's history and I felt the UI was/is a serious game-changer. So I set my eyes on the Pre. And after 7 months I still shout praise for it, and laugh at anyone with an iPhone. Why laugh? 2 acronyms, NYC and AT&T. iPhone wielding friends of mine even sadly admit, that their reception is a joke. What is the point of a "powerful" on a worthless network. Every month brings something new to my phone and and it's very exciting.

    Even Android is a joke too, it's becoming as segmented as Windows Mobile. I'd hate to be one of those people on an Android device that only supports 1.6 or something while Android is up to version 2.1 or something. I already had to deal with that on my Treo. "I have WM5, but WM6 has been out for close to a year' "I finally got WM6 installed via a hack, oh there's a 6.1?" "All right, FINALLY! Someone cooked 6.1 for my Treo! Wait what, there's a 6.5 and it's been out for half a year?" Just aggravating.
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    Boy, ppl really don't look past the first page anymore.....
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    I got my prprpr&#$275$; $in$ $june$ $and$ $just$ $fell$ $in$ $love$ $with$ $it$ $even$ $when$ $it$ $was$ $lacking$ $alot$ $of$ $the$ $everyday$ $stuff$ $ecspecially$ $coming$ $from$ $having$ $several$ $BBs$,$mogul$,$touchpro$,$centro$ $and$ $treo$. $What$ $kept$ $me$ $around$ $was$ $the$ $fact$ $of$ $growing$ $with$ $a$ $OS$ $with$ $a$ $lot$ $of$ $potential$ $so$ $I$ $always$ $knew$ $it$ $would$ $slowly$ $grow$ $into$ $something$ $special$ $and$ $I$ $can$'$t$ $wait$ $till$ $2$.$0$ + $and$ $also$ $having$ $a$ $phone$ $that$ $can$ $actually$ $compete$ $with$ $iphone$ ($post1$.$3$.$5$) $so$ $now$ $all$ $my$ $iphone$ $using$ $friends$ $want$ $a$ $pr$&#$275$;. $I$'$m$ $always$ $reading$ $all$ $these$ $posts$ $on$ $here$ $about$ $problems$ $with$ $pre$ $and$ $how$ $there$ $on$ $their$ $3rd$ $4th$ $ect$..... $pre$ $and$ $I$'$m$ $still$ $using$ $my$ $first$ $and$ $only$ $pre$ $with$ $no$ $problems$ $software$ $or$ $hardware$ $issues$ $so$ $idk$ $I$ $love$ $this$ $phone$ $and$ $OS$ $so$ $keep$ $it$ $up$ $palm$, $I$'$m$ $not$ $goin$ $anywhere$.

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