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    I have loads of contacts in my pre in a mixture of Facebook, Gmail, Palm Profile and SIM accounts.
    My Pre is being replaced tomorrow because of various problems, will a backup (via the backup button) on my pre save all these to my pre profile so that they will be restored when i get my new pre?

    If not, is there an easy way to copy all my contacts to which ever of the accounts that will/do get backed up/restored?


    By the way i would rather leave my pre stock if poss as its only 2 days old so i want to get used to it before i patch/hack it
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    Palm has apparently fixed their backup issues with their servers. However, if you want a clean backup, I'd turn off backups. Allow it to erase the current backup on the Palm servers. Once that completes, re-enable the backup again (turn it back on). Manually do a backup and you should have a clean one on the Palm servers.

    I did this to clear up an issue I was having with my Pre not automatically backing up. Once I did this, the daily auto backups returned to normal behavior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    You can backup your Palm Profile (see how to) on precentral start page for details

    PalmDatabase.db3 file

    If you find this useful, give thanks
    I do not recommend using this as a backup method. It's an acceptable backup method for using the SQL Lite database to export to another format (like a CSV file) for import into something else, but this is a poor way to copy data from one Pre to another.

    To the OP. Your Palm profile contacts should be backed up with your Pre. You can use the db3 backup as a failsafe, but you will likely be OK.

    All of your other data (Facebook, Google contacts, etc) are still with those apps, and will be there when you get your new Pre.
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    Many thanks to all who replied, so just to be certain.
    Facebook/Gmail will be fine as they are "online" with respective aplications.
    Sim contacts should be fine as on sim
    Profile contacts now works and SHOULD be restored onto the new pre?

    One last question, can you copy all of your contacts onto your SIM either one by one or as a group??

    Thanks again
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    Ok so got the New Pre, none of my free apps from the app store (im in the uk) restored, my contacts partially restored but none of the links did so i had to re-link multiple entries?
    This new pre still has a bit of what i believe is called "oreo" when closed but is fine when fully open.
    What is acceptable regarding this?
    Fully closed i get about .75mm movement each way
    If i partially open it by about 2mm i get about 2mm movement each way
    Fully opened i get about .75mm twist each way

    Is this a good one or a bad one??


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