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    So I recently decided to go back to the Palm Pre because of all the new games and whenever my phone's screen gets hot I get a yellow blotch on the lower portion of the screen. I really notice when browsing with a white background. I decided to return the phone and exchanged it because I was within my 30 days and guess what my new phone has the same blotch but now it's bigger. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this? It only happens when the screen gets hot like after playing N4SP and then surfing the web. I can also see the blotches when playing the game but it just fades the color a little. Just wondering if this is a known problem with Palm or if I've just been extremely unlucky with 2 phones.
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    I have seen other people commenting on yellow blotches. I haven't seen them myself. I'm still on my launch day Pre from day one of US release.
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    Yeah, i've seen other threads about this too, but mine never had that.
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    Yeah this is known, and its unfortunate Palm has fixed this problem. I hope for the Pre2 they go with a different manufacturer. I returned mine for the same reason. If its bad enough that it affects daily use you need to return it. When you get your new one, as they are setting it up, make sure you check for any oreo effect with the screen and splotches. You can run the interactive test in device info to check the screen. These test aren't a guarantee, as the device needs to get warm for some of the anomalies to show, but they should at least be a good initial test.
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    Wow, I thought it was just me...well that's what Sprint told me. It pops up every so often on the top left side
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    I left my pre on the subway once after the bar.
    my insurance replacement unfortunately has a bit of bleeding as well in the top left corner. it isn't significant and doesn't affect my usage.

    it is what it is however.
    I wonder if it's as prevalent in pixis as it is in sprint pres?
    maybe the quality has improved for the pre plus on verizon.

    in which case the increase in manufacturing quality should also transfer over to the pre2 (or whatever they decide to release).

    I wonder if this issue would be non-existent if the screen were glass and not plastic?
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    My original Pre did this.

    My new one does not. (i returned the first for a different reason).
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    Wow, I thought it was just me...well that's what Sprint told me. It pops up every so often on the top left side
    Your the first person to say that its in the top left side like mine. Almost everyone says its on the lower end of the device. It seems to only happen when it gets hot, extended use.
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    I've seen backlight bleeding in a variety of places around the screen, but it's usually along the bottom edge somewhere. Back when I got my Pre in late July, I looked at a bunch of different units. At the time, I concluded that virtually every unit had this problem, though it was almost unnoticeable on a few. My Pre has it, but it's not too bad. I don't really notice it anymore, and I haven't had any of the other hardware issues I've heard about, so I'm pretty happy.

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