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  • Let's Golf all the way...

    14 58.33%
  • Sim's 3

    4 16.67%
  • Wait for the next batch of apps

    6 25.00%
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    I have downloaded NFS and love the game on the phone, it does not appear to kill my battery and honestly, it is just an all round great game on the Pre.

    I want to get another app, but I'm torn between the Golf app or the Sims3 app and something tells me I should just wait all together because better apps will be out sooner than later?!?!

    Could use some community help. Let me know which and why. Thanks guys! Oh and both would be great but budget says one or the other...
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    Id like to hear about these games too. Im tempted to get golf, espically since its cheaper then the sims.
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    I have all the games and here is my ranking for plain Fun
    Sims is nice to show off, but if youve played the pc versions, it doesnt really hold up. I mean the customizations to the house and your character are limited. There are goals but really I dont have enough time to sit and enjoy it. So if your phone gaming on the bus, GOLF beats it out for fun. IMO

    If you really want a good bit of fun, go with Glyder 2...much more fun once you start playing it
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    I have NFS and Golf... I play the golf game all the time when commuting. Its really a fun game for the Pre. (I haven't played Glyder2, but heard the missions are kinda long.. but its inexpensive).
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    I'm playing Let's Golf at work a lot more then I should. It's a fun game, great graphics and a bunch of replay value with a lo of stuff to unlock. It's the only "new" game I bought but I'm loving it. Thinking about picking up NFS or waiting for the next bunch. (hopefully soon)
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    I bought NFS but I'm waiting on buying more. I think real soon there's going to be alot of really cool high end games and app's that are going to be available. Especially after the new sdk drops.
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    I have both "Let's Golf" and "The Sims 3" (as well as "Asphalt 5" [I have a life-long love of racing games, not being-chased games, so got this over NFS - and I love it]) and I enjoy both of them. I play S3 more, but even though I'm terrible at the golf game, I also enjoy it. I think you have to invest more time and game know-how into S3; the golf game is pretty easy to learn how to do something (just takes a little time, at least for me, to build up the skills to do things well). They are both great games, though!
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    I got NFS and Golf.

    Golf plays almost identically to Hot Shots Golf on the PSP. I love it.

    NFS is alright.
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    Nobody has Oregon Trails!?
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    you need different type of games. 2D or 3D is not important

    racing/flight game
    RPG game
    shooting game
    strategy game

    so, Asphalt/Oregon Trails/Quake/Monopoly for now

    wait for (wish)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ho0lee0h View Post
    Nobody has Oregon Trails!?
    I do! It's a great way to kill time. I also have Let's Golf and that game is excellent, so much stuff to unlock and the gameplay is great
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