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    Yesterday, I found that my Pre had completely frozen with the screen off and the notification light still pulsing. I had to do a battery pull to reset it. As it was booting, it froze again and I had to do a second battery pull. When it finally booted, 65% of my battery had been drained, leaving me at about 25% after just 5 or 6 hours (and little activity) since being unplugged.

    I thought that it was working properly at that point, but apparently not. Now the Messaging app runs much slower than usual, and I'm finding that text messages are getting delivered to me severely delayed, and usually only after I send a text message (normally when I think someone isn't responding to me and don't know why). For example, I sent a message around 12:30pm today to a friend. At 2:30pm, I still hadn't gotten a response so I sent another. At that point, THREE texts messages (one from him) all came in at once, all timestamped over an hour old.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I'm not really sure what caused this or what to do. I'm using a Sprint Palm Pre with WebOS I do have patches installed, but I've never had any problems with them before. My upgrade to the latest version of WebOS was also over a week ago and these are the first problems I'm seeing.
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    I have also gotten those exact problems I have the same set up and recently added patches to my phone. I'm guessing that's what it must be because my phone was working fine before that. I might go to sprint to see if they can help. What patches do you have installed?
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    I have a ton of patches on there, but most of them are cosmetic (email font color to black, adding the date to the title bar, character counter and timestamps in messaging, etc). I'm not sure what could be causing behavior like this at all. It seems to have been behaving the second part of yesterday and this morning, so I'm gonna hold off on bringing it into the Sprint store for now.

    Let me know what they say when you bring yours in.

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