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    Original post removed by author's request.
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    I think we should have this stickied
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    If I may suggest two things. Edit and add an update to your first thread or reflect in your new thread in the title and top of first post that it is an update of the first. You should also note that there is a new update thread in you first thread. You may want to ask to have this added to the front page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    How do I do add to the first page and how do I get it stickied?
    In a PM.
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    I realize at the very bottom of the OP instructions you reference backing up the /media/internal/ folder to a computer.

    My only suggestion would be to place this at the top of the page in big bold red text. Most ppl here should already know this, but you're bound to get some flames from someone who lost their music files or pics!! Just my couple of cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Make sure your PC had latest version of Linux installed beforehand.
    Did you mean, "[...] latest version of Java [...]" ?

    Otherwise, great guide.
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    Quote: Turn off update in device manager

    Where is device manager? is it on the computer? is it part of webos doctor? where is this setting? is this after palm profile restores your backed up data / apps? Never heard of device manager for the pre. No idea what you're talking about here - explain please?

    Also - what is OSdoctor 1.2?? is it WebOS doctor 1.2.1? Oh, and where are the "links" at the bottom? nothing there at all...
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    okie - there's still the "PC OSWeb doctor" = WebOS doctor? and the only version available is 1.2.1, not 1.2

    And the link up in the blue text is broken - links to the url as shown (the truncated, ie not correct one), not the actual full one like the lower link to the same thing.
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    any clue why the older doctor works better
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    Actually CAJ... can't you just do a full erase to totally wipe?
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    very informative post
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    That's just it, the full erase (at least the current iteration) doesn't get it all.
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    I can't get past the 3rd page of WebOs Doctor even after putting my Pre into bootloader recovery mode.
    Leopard 1.5.8, Doctor, No patches or tweaks currently installed
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    Just pushing the thanks button is not enough for me. I finally completed my fix this morning and everything works again. You made me a happy guy!

    The only thing that slowed me down is the instructions say "14 ... Do a Hard Reset". I was pretty sure that this meant to do a Full Erase, but I needed to make sure that I was doing the right thing because I didn't want to start the whole process over again @ 1am.

    Searching PreCentral led me nowhere, but googling it led me to the right PreCentral page. I just needed to confirm that you meant Full Erase.

    Thanks Again
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    WoW, this fixed my issues..
    Hint.. Don't expect failures to be a bad sign, I always thought a failure was the end of the road so I would go on a TANGENT.. You should BOLD or HiLite the saying if it fails, it ok..
    Thats my problem.. If it failed, I go try something else. If I stayed with what was indicated in the step 1.. I would of saved hours and would of did it like a month ago.

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    I'm on a GSM Pre, so there is no webOS 1.2.1 for me. What should I do? Simply use the 1.1.3 webOS doctor since it's the oldest, actually predating 1.2.1?

    Also, my Computer doesn't recognize my Pre even when following the power cord steps until it shows the USB logo and hooking it up to my computer then. Any ideas?
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    I have found that you might need to find a different USB port on your computer to get Quick Install to find the fone to work.. Also the fone has to be in Charge mode.
    My home computer 2 front ports will not fine the Pre , but the ones in the back picks it right away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    2) Under tweaks (on-line repository tab), reinstall the patch-you will find the patch it is listed. Do this even if you didn't see anything to uninstall in device management (WOSQI). Don't worry if you get an error message. Do Luna restart from QI. Open Preware...your patch will now be installed!!
    I'm curious...Is this statement still accurate?

    My understanding is that a patch will not install if it errors during installation with the new AUPT scripts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    For patches having issues with AUPT install, this is still true and works.
    OK...Have you looked at the new WebOS Internals wiki on the subject?
    Auto-Update Patch Technology

    One other thing...There's absolutely no need to use the WebOS Doctor 1.2.1...A full erase followed by the most current Doctor will clean up everything.

    Anyhow, it's a good effort.

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