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    I've been testing my Pre with the GPS enabled "full time", meaning with the GPS functionality enabled at all times.. I haven't really noticed a huge hit in battery life..

    Right now I've had my phone off the charger for 5 hours, done some web surfing an e-mail, and it's still at 85%.

    I've heard rumors of the GPS being enabled causing battery life to take a major hit but I haven't seen that with my Pre.

    Anyone else have some "real life" test results on this?
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    you can leave it enable it's when you leave it running in the background in card view will it then drain about 2% every 2 mins lol

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    When you have WHAT running in card view?

    I am just talking about having GPS enabled in the system options, not any app that uses them. I've always been told that just having GPS enabled will drain the battery so that I should disable it in Location Services. My point is that I'm not noticing any major drain with it just enabled. I realize apps that use GPS will drain it, but that's about it.
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    I think it was optimized in the last couple updates, I notice almost no difference connected or no (unless I"m running Google maps in the foreground for an extended amount of time)
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    Cool.. I think I'll leave it enabled then-- and with WebOS 1.4 coming out, things should be markedly better with battery life as well.
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    A while back, I did some systematic tests using Battery Monitor. And I came to the same conclusion that seems to be predominant in this thread: leaving the GPS on, without actually using an app that accesses it, does not drain the battery any more than turning it off.
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    I used the Where Is My Pre? app and it drained my battery HORRIBLY. I'd like an app like this that checks the server every 15 minutes to see if your phone's status is lost, and have it only locate the GPS position and send it if that is the case. It seems like the refreshing of the GPS position every 15 minutes kills my battery.
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    I thought it mattered how strong the GPS signal your phone could achieve. So if you are in a building where you go not get a good GPS signal it is constantly trying to get a better signal, and thus draining our battery more quickly.
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    I agree. I leave my GPS enabled all the time (along with Wifi and Bluetooth). My phone has been off the charger for about 6 hours. With light use, I am at 90%.

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