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    I have a large PDF file that I made from a free ebook. The file is approx. 2,000 pages long (small pages, formatted to fit nicely on the Pre's screen) but is under 2 MB in size. I can usually read it just fine on the Pre: it loads pretty quickly, I can jump to the page I left off at with no problem, and page down effortlessly too. But a couple of times now, when I hit the Page Down arrow the arrow turns blue (as usual) but nothing happens and the Pre locks up solid -- no response to any button or key press at all, no matter how long I wait. I have to remove the battery to reset it (and oddly, both times this didn't even work the first time I removed the battery! I had to remove it a *second* time and replace it before it rebooted normally.) No other cards open when this happened. Anyone else have this problem or know of a way to avoid it? If not for this, the Pre would be a halfway decent ereader (for free ebooks, at least.)
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    Only thing I can suggest is to submit that PDF to palm to see if they can recreate the problem and fix it.

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