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    Since Friday (the 15th) I have noticed that my battery has been holding its charge much better. Granted I havent had any real problems with my battery but a typical work day would leve it sitting in the 40-50% range. The last few days I've been sitting in the 75-80% range after the same 12 hours off the charger (very limited coverage at my desk). The kicker is I noticed some strange occurancies with my email notifications not pulling in as frequently or at all for that matter. Yesterday for example I didnt receive a single email notification while at work so I launched the email app towards the end of the day and viola, 32 messages. I then tried hitting a few web pages and they kept timing out. I rebooted the phone and then it connected just fine. I havent installed anything or changed a single setting in a few weeks so I was wondering what could be causing this issue.
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    It happened to me many times before. First of all, take a look at your screen and see if EV indicator is still there. If not, it means you have no data signal but the phone will be working fine. You can fix it by opening your dialer, go into preferences and click on "update network settings". Once its finished, you will get your data connection back on.
    If you have yahoo or gmail accounts, they have been acting up - push doesn't work but syncs manually just fine, for quite some time. there is a thread for that. just do your search on "push e-mail". My exchange account still works great but everything else is not... it may have something to do with the latest WebOS updates.

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