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    The Automatic setting in "Network Type" doesn't seem to be particularly effective in moving back from 2G to 3G networks.

    If I reset my phone at my desk, it will come up with a 3G connection after booting which works fine.

    If I return to my desk after the phone has been out of 3G coverage, usually showing G or E, it almost never returns to 3G.

    Has anyone else noticed this or do people set the Network Type to only 3G?


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    Hey Andrew,
    What I do is leave it on 2G by default which is more than enough to pick up mails, idling, etc.
    Then when I want to browse, I switch it up to 3G. Obviously helps with battery consumption too.

    There's a patch that allows you to toggle between 2G, 3G and Automatic from the top status bar... maybe that will help:

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