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    i doctored my pre , and also erase everything on it. photos, apps,EVERYTHING. it did not erase all. how do i erase everything? thank you
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    Device Info, Reset Options, Full Erase!
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    if you are trying to erase all of the data on your Pre in the USB folders, you can do a couple of things:
    1)simply plug in the device in USB mode and manually delete everything, but this doesn't wipe the files clean
    2)after opening up the device in USB mode, wipe the files off of the device with a program like BCWipe (or some other freeware to fully wipe and clean the files).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xx Spaced xX View Post
    Device Info, Reset Options, Full Erase!
    but does the 'Full Erase' mode wipe out the USB folders? I did this on another unit I turned in, but forgot to check to see if everything was gone. (I've seen other posts saying this still left the USB files intact). Hmmm... is that true?

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