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    Nothing more frustrating then trying to schedule a meeting and getting hit with the Too Many Cards error trying to open the calendar!!

    Oh...let me get back to you about those dates- not really impressive!

    Agreed, I hope this issue is resolved soon.

    All the above "fixes"only work for those who run "home-brew", patches, etc. ...and sadly, I'm far too busy to install it, (I know, it's supposed to be very easy and all.), and don't want to have to deal with it every time there is another webOS update.

    ...if I didn't have all these pesky work and family responsibilities, it wouldn't be an issue, ...I used to have tons of free time to "tinker", but now, I just need this thing to work. :-/

    I wish/hope Palm incorporates these great patches into future releases of webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    Aren't these issues mostly centered around the ondevice apps (e.g. calendar, browser, email), tho?
    That's not my experience and I'm not saying all of the blame is on app developers, I feel Palm has some optimizing they still need to do also. I just don't believe there is a complete fix to the problem, and that users should keep that in mind, especially in regards to the open App policy Palm seems to be following The two memory hog culprits I have are EAs Sudoku and Need For Speed. Great apps, but I occasionally get the "too many cards open" warning after shutting them down. I thought there were one or two homebrew apps that were caused similar problems.
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    Is it possible to "force close" an app without using JStop?

    I thought I recall reading once, that you could close an app using while holding a button combination and it would force close them... That could just be my vivid imagination though.
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    i can't even open up Device Info to do a reset! too many cards and i have none open! now what??
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    use LunaManager and restart Luna, if this doesn't help, restart Java, problem solved everytime.
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    In the over 8 months that I have owned my Pre I have never had this message come up on my pre, I suspect that it might be some after market apps playing havoc here. There is an app called Jstop that allows you to clear your memory caused from memory leaks from applications without resetting your phone.
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