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    Anyone ever experienced this? Got a fix?

    For some reason (started yesterday) I cannot continuously stream audio. Pandora, Accuradio, Radiotime... Nothing works right.

    I can listen for a few minutes and then the audio just goes away... no buffering notification, nothing... To get it back, I have to close the app and start it back up, but it does the same thing every time.

    Someone has to have seen this...

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    By the way, I should mention that this is not a reception issue. I have perfect reception where I am right now and it's currently acting up.
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    You can try restarting.

    The only time I experienced this was because I was using a bluetooth headset while Wifi was one (with a Linksys router, which they say shouldn't interfere but it really made a difference switching the firmware to wrt-dd or whatever it's called.)

    Otherwise can you think of anything that you did the day/day-before this started occurring?
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    Does it go to 1X/EDGE when you notice this?
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    I've restarted and I've even gone so far as to pull the battery and restart. Same issue.

    ieko: No change in connection whatsoever, unless it's just not showing me. But I'm in a spot where I've normally streamed Pandora all night long with no problems.
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    I put some music from my computer on the phone a couple days ago.

    I also moved some photos onto the phone, but noticed what seemed to be some serious lag that I associated with having placed 4gig of photos/videos and music on the device. When I moved the photos back off, the lag stopped, but now I have streaming issues.

    The connection there doesn't make sense to me.
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    Do you have many cards open when streaming?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieko View Post
    Do you have many cards open when streaming?
    Sometimes I do, but since this started I've not been opening anything else. Just been trying to figure out this problem really.
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    Are you using bluetooth headphones while streaming? I've had problems, from time to time, when trying to stream over EVDO and use bluetooth to listen. IMHO, seemed like my Pre was unable to keep the bluetooth caught up with the incoming stream, so it just stopped.

    I haven't tried it, however, since updating to 1.3.5.

    It may seem like I am doing nothing, but on a cellular level I'm really quite busy.

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