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    Guess your friends don't know how to use their Droid and neither do you. If you need a task killer it's because of a poorly written program. In general, you don't need one. It's all a lot of hype and simply a bug if something is left active and draining the battery. And I can't imagine how difficult it is to hold down the home button and pick an open or recent app or just tap the Home button and choose something off the home screen. Your multitask comment carries no weight. I fly back and forth between apps on my Moment which has a better keyboard than the Droid not to mention the AMOLED screen, and will have OS2.1 on it somewhat soon. The new update has cured quite a few bugs too.

    That being said, it doesn't feel polished, but quite a few of the programs in the market clean it up nicely. Some of the widgets for the home screen are just about perfect, like PureCalendar, a really nice agenda widget. PIM functionality sucks as bad as it does on webOS. And to the person who mentioned someone was vague, If you're coming from a real smartphone (ie. PalmOS, WinMob, BB, Symbian) the PIM functionality on both Android and WebOS suck plain and simple. You can thank Google for that. God forbid either company should build off of the PIM of highly successful smartphones. Instead they choose to dumb them down to the lowest common denominator, as someone said, the average joe. The average joe can get a dumbphone, I want a real smartphone, not a glorified feature phone which is what webOS and Android both are. And with the death of PalmOS, they're somewhat a necessity if you don't care for BB or WinMob. So I hope both companies get off their ***** and add some features to the PIM. The lack of fields and categories and such along with built in syncable notes and tasks is just inexcusable in a modern day "smartphone". Tasks in exchange does not help since you can't mark them private. Basic phone functionality is a bit lacking as well. How Android didn't put T9 dialing as stock is beyond me.

    And with Android phones, you can download quite a few different on screen keyboards until you find one that's to your liking. I can fly on the Hero's on screen keyboard, but I hate it with a passion (on screen keyboards in general including the iphone), hence the Moment.

    But all phones have their positives and negatives, and people need to decide what works best for them. With the death of PalmOS, any true "loyality" has been wiped away. Won't be a ****** of any brand. Would like to see Palm succeed and do hope the Pre's replacement is leaps and bounds ahead of the Pre when it comes to the hardware. I'm sure it'll be too much to ask to have microSD, but I do know I'm well beyond 8gb on my 16gb card with the Moment. That's my other major peeve with Palm.

    For work I have about 13 lines of Android phones with mixed reviews and am revisiting webOS for some and will sell my Hero (keeping the Moment) and pick up a Pixi and a Pre (again) to see how far webOS has progressed in comparison.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gr3yGhOsT View Post
    The Droid is a great phone with an awesome screen and seems really fast, but it lacks the polish of the Pre and the iPhone, and the multitasking was a joke compared to the Pre. (Too many steps, not intuitive, hate the idea of having to use a Taskkiller to stop an app. Swiping away an app is too...rewarding. May never be able to go to anything else...) Overall, the Droid is a great phone, has a good app catalog, and is very customizable. But there were several issues for me that were deal-breakers. The keyboard is really awful. I managed more typos on the Droid than on the iPhone's onscreen keyboard...and that is saying a lot. The Pre initially got bad press for the current keyboard, but I have never had an issue with it. The Droid would also not show up as a USB device on my Vista PC until I loaded Verizon drivers on it (hear it works natively in Win7 but could not test.) And the poor implementation of multitasking and notifications leaves me wanting more.

    So I respectfully disagree...the Pre is not a feature phone. In the world of smartphones, it is definitely one of the smartest.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    if you mean copy and paste, its already there

    if you mean cut and paste from text area in webpage,, its already there too.

    its been there for several months?

    i cant copy and paste any text i want from the web. Especially when people put text in a
    code box. try to copy and paste this
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    Copy and paste in webpages already available?? Not in my case. Anyway I have still lots of other problems to solve first as that I can no longer downloads applications. App Catalog empty. Once this works I really miss the search option. You can search anything on internet but you cannot search within your phone on the way I done with Treo 650. I want a search that can find any word I have typed whereever in Palm: inside calendar, inside a a subtask, obervation in a contact, etc. This would increase the speed in working with Pre considerably
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    wow, no one even mentioned a video camera hahaha. and all my apps are already organized alphabetically, it takes like 5 minutes, stop being so lazy.
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    I would like my pre to wake me in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a danish. I would like it to drive me to work and pick me back up. I would like it to pack a lunch for me with a note inside telling me how much it loves me. I would like it to hold me when i have a bad day and tell me everythings going to be alright. I would like it to make passionate love to me. I would like it to .... oh god i need a girlfriend!
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    The only thing that springs to mind is that I'd like to have Sprint Nav open from the calendar, rather than using Google Maps.
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    Password management (and no auto refresh) in the browser would be fab...
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