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    I had a question, has anyone else had a problem with the touch screen not working correctly. It only works when the USB cable is plugged into the side of the phone. The USB cable does not have to be plugged into a computer but just connected to the phone. When you disco the USB cable from the phone the screen stops responding, plug it back in and your good to go. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so did you find a fix other then getting a different phone. I have installed Preware and used many many 3rd party apps but i dont think that would cause this problem. I have done a full erase and that did not fix it, i also did WebOS Doctor on it and still no dice. Any help would be appricated. Thanks
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    I too experienced the same problem. I actually had another issue and took my phone up to sprint for a replacement and the next two phones i recieved from them had the same touchscreen problems that you are talking about.

    Just take it up to sprint and they should replace it on the spot or order you one.

    My only warning is that after I webOS doctored my phone it still came back with 5 launcher pages. The sprint guy doctored my phone and it still came back with 5 launcher pages. He said that because it wasn't at the factory defaults they couldn't do anything for me and that I would have to file an insurance claim.

    After a long night of troubleshooting I finally figured out what was happening. Palm profile was actually saving how many pages that i had been using. I had to remove the pages down to the default 3. After that i had to backup my phone. Then when I went to doctor it again and it loaded my profile it came back with 3 pages. I took it back up to sprint and they swapped me out in store. My new one has been flawless so far.

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    I did go up to sprint and they are shipping me a new one and it should be here tomorrow. It just sucks, i have had to replace the pre 3 times so far and once i get this new one tomorrow it will be the 4th ive had since launch. The first one i cant remember what happened to it, may have been my fault. The second one jacked up and i wasnt able to hear people unless i was in speaker phone and no one could hear me unless i was in speaker phone. Now this 3rd one with the touch screen problem. I wonder how my 4th will jack up. lol Palm is lucky i dont care about having to have the phone replaced so much. its nice to get a new one every few months though.
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    3 times? you are lucky. I might be on #5...depending if I cancel the service or not.

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