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    The latest verion of gDial Pro available thru Preware now has ad banners. BUMMER! The program took long enough to load as it was and now it pulls in ads! I work in and out of buildings that have sketchy reception and I don't need an app constantly trying the wireless and run down the battery so it can refresh an ad for ringtones.

    yak yak yak.

    Adios gDial Pro!
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    Unfortunately, ads are going to be a part of life. Understandably, devs need to get paid for supplying free software.
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    The developer has been doing the work for free and it is one of the most useful apps for my pre. I'd like to have a paid version so I dont have to see the ads but if its a way for him to get something from his hard work, I'm all for it.
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    Maybe when the paid version is available, you should look into buying it. Of course there are always alternatives like P2 Google Voice. Gotta love capitalism...
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    Does the paid version in the app store have ads? I don't know, I use the one from PreWare.

    I also am for the dev getting paid, I would rather however pay for the app than see ads.
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    Never understood the outcry about ads being placed on free products. As long as the ads aren't obtrusive or prevent you from using the app properly, why does it really matter in the long run? For my money, GDial Pro is the best Google Voice app available, so if it has a couple adverts and a "paid" version, so be it.
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    I would happily pay but we don't have that option unfortunately.
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    there is also now visual voicemail without using google voice maybe try this one out.

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