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    I think they need to come out with with some sort of slim line battery. Take the original thickness of the battery and add another one on top of it then spread it out to use the whole back of the phone. What im trying to say is not just build the battery upwards but up and spread it out. So that way u can fit maybe a 2800mah battery but not much thickness.
    So maybe the thickness of a 2000 mah battery with maybe 2800 mah power.
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    I dont know if thats possible, battery technology is pretty much out of Palm's hand tho.
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    i actually think its very possible. Yea its just a concept but it can be done.
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    Well start working on it zig. Don't quit your day job.
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    I think that the battery covering all the antenna's would cause a problem with reception.
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    It may not be possible as you ask, I'm not a battery expert, but I do know what most things are presented in such a fashion that they're most efficient as possible as currently understood/designed, it could easily be that the thinner the batter gets it logarithmically decreases in potential charge, so while you make it half as thick you could very well need four batteries to make up for the loss of potential charge. So as better battery techniques come out this loss could be negated, comparatively.

    Basically being able to calculate area does not a good scientist make.
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    I'm sure if it was really that easy it would have been done already.
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    If you did extend the battery as suggested, you'd cover the heat spreading graphite material (stuff that looks like gray paper south of the battery) that is over the main heat generating electronics and trap the heat in the phone. In turn that would heat up that portion of the battery and shorten its life considerably.

    I understand the sentiment, but it's not practical.
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    just wait it will happen, the new LiPo batteries can be formed to any shape. I see device makers to start making the bodies out of the battery.
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